Thursday, December 16, 2010

The mushrooms are here!

After too much frost and not quite enough rain, it's warmed up here and there's a steady supply of water falling from the sky. Guess what that means? Mushrooms! Mushrooms in little armies marching under conifers and standing solitary under oaks. Mushrooms poking up out of the leaves in the forest and mushrooms sprouting from wet, decaying wood. I've been getting out as much as I can to find them. So far, it's a fabulous year for mushrooms and it's hard to choose which fungi to draw when I do get out.

In the past week, the deathly invader, Amanita phalloides has suddenly risen, in little groups, big groups, and by itself, scattered about Howarth Park, and elsewhere. This one was a bright beacon, as I walked along a trail, begging to be sketched. I felt compelled to oblige.

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