Friday, November 5, 2010

Just before the rain

It had rained in the morning and was supposed to clear up in the afternoon, so I changed my day around and went to the park in the afternoon. Ha! Paying attention to weather forecasters is pretty much like gambling with your life savings. It was gray and chilly and felt as though it was going to rain at any moment. This really wasn't a bad thing because I love that gray light for the way it makes every other color so brilliant that they almost glow, even the faded golds and tans of late summer in Northern California. I was considered drawing a landscape until this Oak titmouse (Baelophus inornatus) landed in a manzanita (Archostaphylos sp.) and preened long enough for me to get a sketch. After the bird left I worked on the leaves and branches until the rain that wasn't supposed to fall did, indeed, begin to fall. Since I was in a meadow with no umbrella (remember the part about believing weather forecasters?) I cut the sketching short and toddled off to enjoy a delightful walk in the rain.


  1. Nasty weatherman! He is always fouling me up too. I grew up in the midwest, where the weatherman gets to watch the weather coming for 2000 miles and tends to get it right more often. Ah well... sweet little titmouse.

  2. Wow!I liked the flicker!
    The sketch of the leaves of the oak are interesting in the way of drawing.
    Best regards