Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer's almost (but not quite) gone

Even though it's begun to feel like fall here in northern California some days still have a bit of summer to them. Last week, the fog that's been keeping it cool was pushed offshore by high pressure from the east and we had sunny, cool mornings that warmed up quickly. At the end of our walk Chloe and I made a stop at the picnic area to watch the resident ground squirrels as they climbed live oak and coyote brush to nibble on leaves and accept handouts from small children and their parents. Looking out over the lake I was amused to see two turtles lollygagging on a couple of rocks in the sun. I drew quickly, thinking they'd be off before I could finish the scene but both were still about in the same positions by the time we wandered off.


  1. I have not seen a turtle sunbathing in years, thank you for reminding me of wonderful moments I once spent on a lake.
    I had to laugh that you drew quickly, they are turtles, it is the hare that you must draw quickly.
    David, NYC

  2. David, I'm glad to be able to remind you of once-upon-a-time moments. You're right, it does seem kind of ludicrous to have thought I should draw the turtles quickly, but they do have a habit of disappearing from those rocks. One minute they're there and then gone.

  3. Whatever we want to dray has a habit of dissapearing quickly ... even changing light and change a rock!

    I saw a lovely batch of mushrooms after our first fall rains and thought of you.