Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A couple of birds on a wire

Drawing the birds that come to my front yard poses a dilemma. If I sit outside, which is where I'd rather to be, most of the smaller birds just fly right by the nice feeder and the irritating human and her dog. I imagine that they visit feeders all over the neighborhood, so it's like they're on the bus and just skip the stop, traveling right on to the next one.

The rock pigeons (Columba livia) and mourning doves (Zenaida macroura) perch on the phone wire above our sidewalk or on the roof of our house, where I can see their shadows if it's afternoon,  and wait. I try to take advantage of the unusual view and sketch bellies, butts and feet, hoping they'll give up and fly down closer. Surely, they're sitting there hoping I'll give up and go inside so they can come and eat. They're always right! If I draw from the kitchen window I cease to be a threat.

Both birds thrive among the company of humans. Although mourning doves are native to North America, the rock pigeon was brought here from Europe in the 1600s. They've been domesticated by humans for about 5,000 years leaving their place of origin impossible to determine.

You can find more information about mourning doves and rock pigeons at All About Birds.

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  1. I wonder if draping yourself in camoflague netting (on the cooler days) would help? I made my husband a camoflague 'nightie' out of netting so he would get nearer to birds while photographing. I have to admit, he doesn't use it very much.

    Good luck getting the yard birds used to you!