Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ordinary but new to me

Today I found a group of small wildflowers I've never seen before. They were poking out of hard dirt along a trail in Howarth Park near the edge of Spring Lake Park. They're quite small and I had a hard time seeing detail even with my trusty magnifier. Once I got home I looked through my field guides and have tentatively identified them as Allium amplectens, a locally common member of the onion family. They're also called Narrowleaf onion although there weren't any leaves to be found by the time I stumbled upon them. According to the USDA they're found in the United States and Canada in the states on the west coast and can be considered invasive.


  1. How pretty and delicate. I have a much coarser wild onion around here. Maybe I just never noticed your little one.

  2. Thank you Elva. According to my research, this particular onion is quite variable, both in color and size, so yours may still be the same species as mine.