Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mushrooms. In June.

I hadn't been to Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery in a while and went by the other day to see what I might find there. After sketching some lovely Clarkia in the garden, I wandered about the gravestones and found several Amanita sp. mushrooms fruiting under live oak. Even the most newly emerged mushrooms were pretty dried out but it was still fun to see mushrooms in Santa Rosa in June.


  1. Excellent. It certainly seems early for them to appear.

    Well done!!

  2. Great mushrooms Debbie...we're waiting for the heavy rains to calm down a bit so we can go into the woods for a mushroom or two...but in the meantime I'll revel in yours!

  3. You found some mushrooms! I thought the rains might give you a treat.

    Nice sketches!