Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In the mood

I was in my living room and kept hearing loud finch song, but a different song than I usually hear, more insistent and much louder. I went quietly to the window and saw this fellow literally dancing about my feeder with as much zeal as anyone on Dancing with the Stars around an extremely indifferent female who kept eating black oil sunflower seeds, stopping only to snap at this guy when he got too close. I felt badly for him. If I were a house finch I would've been utterly captivated by his charming performance and followed him to the moon.


  1. I just spent a delicious chunk of time getting caught up on your blog. I love how you are capturing the character of the avian life around you. The house finch is especially nice -- all wired up for his lady friend.

  2. I fancy I can hear him singing too, Debbie. So clever because you have the movement of him straining up his little neck. I'm captivated.

  3. Wonderful drawings, Debbie. Hope his lady friend soon comes round to our way of thinking and realizes how captivating he is.