Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring storm

At this time of year it's usually sunny and warm here in Sonoma County. Yet we've been having some very wintry storms, usually on the weekends, the past few weeks. The weather forecasters said it wasn't supposed to rain until later in the day so I bundled up, grabbed an umbrella and headed for Howarth Park. The parking lot was nearly empty and most of the humans seemed to be traveling the paved trails rather than the dirt trails I favor. The wind blew and the bright green spring foliage glowed fluorescent against the changeable gray skies. Chloe and I got caught in one downpour and waited it out on a rock near an old quarry hole. I drew some of the plants in the area; several grasses, wavy leafed soap plant, Dichelostemma, and a thistle. It reminded me of spring in upstate New York, the place I lived before moving to California.

When the rain stopped we made our way to the lake where the geese had all hunkered down against the wind. I had to finish the sketch at home because my fingers got so cold I couldn't feel the pen I was holding.

1 comment:

  1. Your drawing is exquisite, as always. The geese look to be lovely and warm -- unlike you (and that poor little black bird).
    I'm very slowly catching up in Sketchercise (reading, not actually exercising)and have just passed the hilarious Orphan Annie section.