Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Noon at Lake Ralphine

Chloe and I walked for a long time on a beautiful day after several rather cold and rainy days. I wasn't quite ready to leave the park so we went to the picnic area at Lake Ralphine so that Chloe could look for ground squirrels and I could just look and see what there was to see.

A Western Pond Turtle was sunning on a rock along with some Double-crested cormorants. Canada geese squabbled loudly and the few remaining mallard ducklings cruised by peeping loudly as they went. Two osprey circled overhead, hunting. The ground squirrels were conspicuous in their absence and Chloe was so focused on one of the the spots where they usually congregate that she missed a big fat Norway rat slinking along the edge of the water.

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