Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I walked at Howarth Park after an absence of five days. The first thing I noticed was that the Double-crested cormorants are all gone. There were fewer present five days ago but now there are none. I missed hearing and seeing them as I made my way into the park today but they'll be back in a few months and there were other sights to amaze and delight. Oh, and to draw! I've been meaning to sketch some larkspur (Delphinium nudicaule) and wandered along to where they're blooming, got my drawing gear set up and was just about to start sketching when I heard the loud, raucous call of a Pileated woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus), make that two Pileated woodpeckers... very near by. I gathered everything back into the pack and trudged off to see if I could find them. I found a female busily scavenging insects (probably carpenter ants) from a dead branch on an oak. The other woodpecker periodically called as he flitted about the area, but I was able to draw for a good long time as the female climbed under, over, sideways, down on the branch in her quest for food. Big birds are still so much easier for me to sketch and these birds are really big, almost as big as crows.

Next: I'm able to solve a long-standing mystery.


  1. I'm catching up on some blog-visiting after a hiatus - your bird sketches and stories are delightful Debbie (love the punk Nuttall's woodpecker:), and these woodpeckers so full of movement and character - looking forward to the mystery-solving episode!

  2. Hi Debbie, I have missed so much by being taken away from my blog friends because of my #@>’/ stupid computer. I am like Cathy, I enjoyed your posts about the antics of the squirrels. I have many of the birds you wrote about. My favorite this week is the towhee. Your drawings are exceptional and accurate.

  3. Gorgeous! Delightful and very accomplished!