Sunday, April 4, 2010

Squirrel strategy

My last post about my sick day at the feeder isn't about birds at all. For several days two squirrels have been lurking about and clearly trying to figure out a way to get at the two bird feeders hanging in front of our house. We thought we'd placed them well out of the reach of these clever rodents until, one day, I heard a loud crash and looked out to see the platform feeder swinging wildly on it's hook and a squirrel hanging precariously from the edge before jumping off. Every day around noon she returned and kept refining her technique until she was able to jump from roof to feeder, landing on the edge so that the whole platform tipped all of the seed onto the ground. She would then feed contentedly, along with the opportunistic rock pigeons (Columba livia) on the ground. Meanwhile the poor birds the seed was intended for had to all squish onto the tube feeder to eat because there was nothing left on the platform. I entreated my husband to move the platform feeder farther away from the launch site and today the squirrel stared in what I supposed must have been frustration at the tray full of food so close yet so far. Satisfied, I went about my business until I heard some scrabbling and looked to see that she had climbed up a screen cover for one of  our garden beds, leaning against the house wall, and was vacuuming seed off of the window sill. I've removed the cover and can only hope that this will be the last of the squirrel raids. I'm not holding my breath, though.


  1. The only problem with the squirrels is they eat too much! I think I wish we had some, but after reading your delightful commentary, maybe I'd better rethink that wish. We just don't have squirrels in town here.

  2. Debbie, you must know I'm going to say it's unfair you have squirrels as well as birds! I'm barracking for the squirrel because you've made such sweet sketches of her.

    I do hope you are feeling better. Not a good time to be unwell at all.

  3. He he...I enjoyed this "creativity" and the squirrels!
    Love these sketches...yes, as Robyn says...what are you going to show us next? I almost bought a rabbit yesterday...a beauty...huge! But thankfully I can restrain myself at your lovely squirrels, i think I should've given in?