Sunday, April 11, 2010

At the lake

It was a lazy day today. Okay, the day wasn't lazy, I was. Chloe and I took a leisurely stroll through the park and then spent an hour or so at the lake. I discovered, a few days ago, that the cormorants didn't all leave. There are about twenty, mostly youths, still living on the lake and acting up, just like teenagers will do. I'd planned to sketch them but that lazy thing was going on and it seemed like way too much work, so I drew what was close by and easy, which happened to be a couple of ground squirrels. The first one watched me draw him. We took turns staring at one another until ... poof ... he was gone. The other was heard before she was seen. She was screeching loudly and I looked around until I saw her standing near the edge of the water. Whatever had her in such a huff wasn't apparent to me. She hollered for a bit and then turned around and disappeared.

These ground squirrels are much different than those I see in the less populated (by humans) parts of the park. Those squirrels run and hide when they see me, or they freeze up and then run and hide when I turn away for a moment. Near the lake, the ground squirrels are very tame and tolerant of people sitting on a bench and sketching them. Good subjects for a lazy sketching session!

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