Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring coccora

You might remember Coccora from an earlier post this year. This edible mushroom fruits in the fall and again in the spring, although the spring version has a pale golden cap rather than the tawny cap of the fall Coccora. Both are Amanita calyptroderma, although there doesn't seem to be complete agreement on the latin name. You might also see it called Amanita lanei. This year, the spring coccoras are popping up all over Howarth Park. They seem to prefer shaded grassland, although I've seen some stunted specimens in a deeply wooded area. These sturdy mushrooms emerge from the earth like bulldozers, leaving dirt piled on top of the cap and off to the side. If you push aside some of the dirt you'll be able to see the delicate, skirt-like annulus. Dig a bit deeper to see the bottom portion of the universal veil that once enclosed the immature mushroom. On Coccora, you'll usually find a large, cottony patch of the universal veil on top of the mushroom cap, as well.

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  1. Great drawing and interesting post Debbbie! Finally I found some time to read through your latest posts.