Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birds and sniffles

I finally caught the cold that's had Greg, my husband, sneezing and sniffling for a week. I had hoped it was going to pass me by but, alas, I have succumbed. I took a quick walk through my neighborhood with Chloe, my dog, and then spent the rest of the day drinking peppermint tea and blowing my nose. Oh, and drawing. Lucky me! It was a great day at the bird feeder! It was warm and sunny just before lunch so I sat on the front porch and sketched one of the California towhees (Pipilo crissalis) that seem to always be around the yard. This one has had an ominous lump on it's head for quite a while. Today, I saw it from the other side for the first time, and found that it's blind on that side. It sat quietly so I was able to spend more time watching and drawing. These birds are about as drab as a bird can be except for that fabulous orange patch under the tail. Although my sketch doesn't show it, there's a bit of orange on the head, too.

Next: Woodpeckers at the seed feeder?!


  1. You've made this little guy so appealing I find myself on his side of whatever dispute led to the left eye injury. Hope the peppermint tea drives off the sniffles so you can get at the promised woodpecker...

  2. I like the values on your towhee ... you gave nice form to your 'drab' bird.
    ..... and I wish you a swift recovery from that cold.