Saturday, February 27, 2010

Secret world made visible

When there's been moisture, either in the form of rain or fog, an otherwise secret world becomes visible at Howarth Park in Santa Rosa CA. Thousands of spider webs catch the droplets of water and show themselves. Amazingly, they're everywhere! I'd heard these webs called Cup and Saucer webs but an online search showed that they seem to be more commonly called Bowl and Doily webs and are woven by Frontinella communis spiders. I've seen the spider lurking in the "doily" but an article at Wikipedia says they hang from the bottom of the "bowl" and bite the insect that falls into the "bowl". Perhaps the "doily" is a resting place in between meals.


  1. interesting!

  2. Love this delicate representation of this spider web. I have been seeing these also. The dew makes them look crystalline.
    The drawing above is wonderfully descriptive. I also love that you have put in all the neighboring plants. More rain tomorrow.