Monday, February 15, 2010

Mystery solved

This pretty little Thelephora terrestris was fruiting in a large troop under an old three-needle pine in someone's yard in a neighborhood that I don't usually walk in. I thought I'd have a tough time identifying it but found it almost as soon as I opened David Arora's book, Mushrooms Demystified. Oddly, I saw one fruiting on a tree a block from my house, about two months ago. I was unable to identify it that time and the photos I took were lost during an unfortunate error while backing up my computer, so I'm not completely positive that it's the same fungus. Then, this weekend I saw several fruiting in another yard.


  1. What a frilly mushroom. I'm very impressed at all the fungi you find close to home.

    I did look for earth tongues when we went hiking Saturday. Found lots of interesting fungi, but no earth tongues.

  2. Well....what DID you find? You can't just say you found interesting fungi without giving a clue to what you actually found!

  3. Beautiful mushmrom, i like the way u draw naturee, very beautiful and relaxing :)