Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A very mellow yellow mushroom

This mushroom perfectly fits the description of Tricholoma flavovirens except for one teensy little detail, which is that it was fruiting with live oak rather than conifer. Which really isn't a teensy detail at all when you consider that many mushrooms form very meaningful relationships with trees. And most of them tend to be picky about the trees they bond with. Hmmm. Well, it's a real pretty mushroom, whatever it is, and I enjoyed painting it. I've been watching for it because I found some two years ago in the exact same spot. Of course, with that color it's an easy mushroom to find. And it's big, too. The cap was 9.5 cm across, which is a little under 4".


  1. Beautiful mushroom drawing...
    I wish it was easier to determine Fungi too.:).

  2. Thanks, Martin! Yeah, even the experts can't always agree on how to identify some of the mushrooms.