Friday, January 22, 2010

Slime mold. Again.

I found these all over the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery last week, before we had several days and inches of rain. These slime molds are called Leocarpus fragilis. When they first fruit on decomposing plant material the little egg-shaped fungi are neon orange and nearly impossible to miss in the woods. As they mature the dry out and become burnt orange then basic brown. Eventually they burst open and release their spores. In the past I've tried to collect fresh ones but they disintegrate into a puddle of neon orange goo when disturbed so it was fun to find them dried out and easy to transport.


  1. You have a way of making ballpoint pen look so classy, Debbie. What a fascinating fungi too, I thought they were berries at first. I love the fine texture of the twig.

  2. Thanks, Robyn. I really should've done a color sketch to show the vivid color, but maybe more will be fruiting soon!

  3. Hello Debbie, I like too much how delicate are the ending branches, as they were moving.
    Raining there? what a luck! here there's no rain yet, it´s the raining time and there`re no drops of rain. I think the drought is getting near.O__O
    Greetings from Peru!!

  4. Debbie, You make a ball point pen sing. Wow!

    Bob Lafond

  5. El Amazonas, gracias! We do need this rain --- I'm sorry that you're not getting any there. I hope some of this drifts your way!

    Bob Lafond, thank you! I love your blog and your paintings and drawings inspire me!