Thursday, January 14, 2010

Conflicting schedules

The house finches and I were on different schedules the past few days so this was the first day I had a chance to draw them. I've never really noticed how skittish they are. If someone walks by they fly off, often before the pedestrian appears in the window. UPS and FedEx trucks also cause them to leave. Because the feeder is in our front yard and there's a fair amount of coming and going by humans, the birds do a lot of coming and going as well. Usually, I'll try to have a mushroom painting going at the same time and I switch back and forth depending on whether the flock is at the feeder or not. Today, I had no mushrooms to paint so I drew what was on the kitchen table while waiting for the birds to return.


  1. Great sketches, Debbie. I like that you just sit down and sketch what is there. Me too. By the way the word verification is reesc! close enough. Have a great week end.

  2. Delightful birds, Debbie. I look forward to more, since I see you are going to make a serious study of birds with your new book.
    They are a major passion of mine and I'm so frustrated that they don't seem interested in the seed feeder that I have put in our fig tree. It was brought from the UK because I couldn't find one here - and they still don't seem interested.

    We had goldfinches nesting in a fruit tree on the terrace last Spring and I have my fingers crossed they will be back this year. They are very shy and very clever at spotting me watching.

    I'd very much like a long lens for my camera but I can't have everything.

  3. Thank you both! Robyn, is it possible that you have the wrong kind of seed and/or feeder for the birds that hang about? It seems to make a huge difference. I just put added a platform feeder to our tube feeder, with different seed and now more ground feeding birds are coming around. We have a great bird store where they helped us figure out what feeders to use and what seed.

    I hope your goldfinches come back this year and look forward to drawings and/or photos!

  4. Maybe it is the wrong type of seed - it was the one recommended by the pet shop here. I've read that niger seed is very popular but I would have to buy that on line as they've never heard of it in Italy.

    Little birds that poke their heads up here often get them shot off!

    I'm going to try a suet mix when I can get some suet. Toni of 'A Spattering has' given me a recipe that has rolled oats and peanut butter. If that doesn't thrill the little darlings, nothing will!