Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At Ragle Ranch

Yesterday I had some time to kill in Sebastopol, a town about 15 miles from Santa Rosa, so I packed some lunch and took Chloe along to see what we could find at Ragle Ranch Park. Because my usual haunts are oak, douglas fir and monterey pine, I find muhsrooms that associate with those trees. A small redwood grove in Ragle has, in the past, provided me with some mushrooms that I don't often see. However, there was very little in the way of mushrooms or other fungus so I did a couple of sketches of live oak trees. It had been cloudy and cold all morning and the sun just burst out of the clouds, creating wonderful light that I wanted to capture.


  1. Great sketches, I love the ink line and you really captured the light. We are so lucky to have this great weather for now.

  2. I've gotten behind on looking at my favorite blogs and am enjoying catching up on yours. I really love your ink drawings. Both of these are fine compositions. What kind of ball point pen do you use. I'm envying your warm weather and being able to draw outside.

  3. Hi Carole. Welcome back and thank you! My favorite ballpoint is a Bic retractable that the local feed store happens to give away. I also use a Parker refillable pen. I moved from upstate New York to California over twenty years ago and still can't believe how mild the winters are here! Not that I'm complaining!