Saturday, December 26, 2009

By the lake

At the end of most of our walks at Howarth Park, after Chloe has been forced to sit quietly while I draw at intervals along the way, we stop at one of two spots where ground squirrels hang out. This one is my favorite. They dance along the rocks and, on sunny days, will stare at us while we stare at them. Chloe sits entranced whether they're visible or not. Even when I see no sign of them, Chloe's nose waving wildly back and forth tell me that they're around.

The day I drew this it was just beginning to rain and the light was flat and gray. You can see the one ground squirrel, barely, on the highest rock, but she was gone quickly. Without the squirrels to distract me, I saw the rocks differently and admired the way the tree's exposed roots wound down the hill every which way. I had to rush to finish and didn't like the sketch and mostly forgot about it until a couple of days ago when I went back and tinkered with it to try to capture the mood of that day. Unsuccessfully. Today I dove in once more and think I got it.


  1. Hi Debbie and Happy New Year!
    I am so glad you have started your blog. I look forward to seeing many more posts over the next year.
    You captured the rocks wonderfully.

  2. Thanks to Making a Mark I found your blog. I love your mushrooms.