Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Russula

Painting a drab, slimy, brown mushroom was kind of challenging. The slime dried up before I really got to it. I probably could have spritzed it and gotten some reconstituted slime but decided the debris stuck to the cap would be just as good. Once I was done painting, there was more fun to be had. Well, actually, I had to taste the (mildly spicy) cap and gills first, then it was fun. See the smoky smudging on the stem? That's what a graying Russula looks like. When I cut into the stem, it instantly turned bright red (upper right). Ten minutes later it was smoky gray. When I dissected the mushroom, the flesh looked like it was getting an instant sunburn (1). As I painted it began to turn light gray (2) and finally, dark gray (3). How cool is that?! Because of these color changes it might be R. densifolia. I couldn't get any spore print so will have to leave it at that, for now.

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