Friday, November 13, 2009


One of my favorite places to explore is the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery, an easy walk from my house. There's a great deal of the history of this town there, beautiful gravestones and some very old and beautiful oaks. Because the oaks are there, some fabulous fungi fruit during the winter. This one is Amanita calyptrata...oops, now it's Amanita calyptroderma. It's said to be a choice edible. I haven't tried it, but do love to find and draw them. It's common name is Cocorra.

You can see photos at MushroomObserver but watch out! If you use the search engine you'll have to look under Amanita lanei, an earlier name for this mushroom. Sometime I'll have to write more about the naming of mushrooms. It's more dramatic than a soap opera.

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