Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can't seem to stay away

Yesterday it rained like crazy. Apparently, it was the most rain in October in 47 years. It was a wild and wonderful storm. Today, Howarth Park was utterly changed. The moss had all come alive and was greener than green. The red dust that covers everything at the end of summer was gone. I was curious to see how the Laetiporus gilbertsonii fared during the storm. It was pretty soggy on top and covered with moisture droplets below. It's grown 2.7 cm in two days. I did the coloring after I got home, using my new travel watercolor set that's only a bit bigger than my cell phone. I also tried using brushes that come with their own water reservoir but was disappointed because they just kept spitting out water, making it hard to get very strong color. Photoshop helped me add some color when I scanned the image. Do you use those brushes? How do you keep them from diluting your color? They're a great idea, if only I could get them to work. Help me, please!

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