Monday, September 14, 2009

First rain

Usually I sketch in ballpoint pen only, but today I was inspired to try pencil on my first sketch. I wanted to get more tone more quickly because I was afraid the light would change too fast. I hate having to stop and sharpen and I'm not crazy about the smudging, but I really like how much more tone I was able to get. I went over it with the pen later to get some of the darks darker. I think I may have to learn to live with the sharpener and the smudges!

It rained yesterday. The weather woman this morning said it was .11 inch which isn't much but, oh, it was enough to transform the park! The woods smelled like wet leaves, wet bay laurel (Umbellularia californica) and wet wood.

Sounds kind of ho hum but it's a smell that I just never get tired of and is especially wonderful after months of smelling dust. I got there early enough to catch the sun just rising over the eastern ridge, casting deep shadows against brightly lit grasses. And the mosses on the trees were bright green and glowing in the sunlight.

A really great morning!

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