Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Learning new stuff

I stopped keeping a sketchbook sometime in my 20's and only started again a few years ago. I keep experimenting with ways to do a sketch and keep finding interesting new ways to do one. I work in ballpoint pen. My favorite pens are free at the local feed store. I've learned that if I work big I get lost in trying to capture every detail so now I work pretty small.

Today was a good sketch day. Although I try to sketch every day, most of my sketch days are bad. Well, good and bad. Bad because my drawings don't even come close to doing what I wish they would, good because when I draw I'm essentially in an altered state. Drawing makes me feel good. Even when what I'm drawing is bad.

I walked with my dog, Chloe, at Howarth Park, a city park about a 10 minute drive from my home. It's adjacent to Spring Lake, a regional park, which is adjacent to Annadel State Park. We stopped to draw a Black Oak that I've been sketching over and over, attempting to get it the way I want, then wandered over to Spring Lake where a Black Crowned Night Heron obligingly stood still for me, long enough to draw.

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